Weaning the Meaning of Greening

As climate change discussions continue in Poznan, Poland, I’m encouraged by a broader change I’ve seen in the public’s thinking about what a greener economy will mean. I remember only months ago, it seemed that most people took for granted the notion that trying to abate a climate crisis would inherently mean hurting the economy. These days, the conventional wisdom seems to be that creating an economy and an infrastructure more friendly to the planet will do exactly the opposite and result in economic gains.

I don’t know exactly what caused this change. It could have been the recent set of economic crises, it could have been Barack Obama’s frequent messages on “green jobs,” it could have been the “Pickens Plan,” or it could have been Al Gore’s “We” campaign. Likely, it was a combination of all of these things, along with a collective of hard working activists and bloggers who have been absolutely relentless in spreading the idea that clean does not equal poor, and dirty does not equal rich.

Thanks to all those who worked to finally turn the old misguided notion on its head, and let’s all continue to push forward and make Poznan, and eventually Copenhagen, a great step forward in ensuring an excellent quality of life for future generations on Earth.