Welcome to the United Nations

The following is a sneak preview of a full page New York Times ad that the United Nations Foundation and Better World Campaign will take out today, when the members from both presidential campaigns visit New York. Help spread the word.

TO: The McCain-Palin & Obama-Biden campaigns
FROM: The United Nations Foundation
DATED: September 23, 2008
SUBJECT: Background for Your Visit to the United Nations

Your visit to the opening session of the 63rd United Nations General Assembly underscores the UN’s value as the world’s platform for bringing together world leaders to tackle shared global challenges, from terrorism and proliferation of nuclear weapons to climate change, HIV/AIDS, health and poverty.

Today, President George W. Bush will address the UN General Assembly for the last time, highlighting America’s partnership with the United Nations, which is now more important than ever. Balancing America’s military strength with creative diplomacy is essential for keeping the United States secure and prosperous. And the UN is the indispensable venue for exercising U.S. diplomacy and leadership, and for sharing the burdens and rewards of creating a better, safer world.

The UN is not a partisan issue. President Bush and his administration- like its Democratic and Republican predecessors – have relied extensively on the United Nations to advance U.S. security, economic, humanitarian and environmental interests. Next January, a new American President will be inaugurated, opening a new chapter in the U.S. – UN relationship. The next U.S. President will have an opportunity, on day one, to present a new face to the world, help strengthen the United Nations, and enhance America’s reputation by exercising U.S. leadership on the great global challenges of the 21st Century.

Opportunities for the Next Administration

* Leading international cooperation on nuclear proliferation, terrorism, climate change, health and poverty alleviation so that the UN is in the forefront of security challenges the U.S. and all countries face today.

* Strengthening our partnership with the UN in Iraq and Afghanistan, where UN experts are playing a key role in political reconciliation and reconstruction which will help reduce sources of terror.

* Working constructively to strengthen the UN’s management and budgetary practices to meet 21st Century standards and improve transparency, efficiency and effectiveness.

* Supporting international peacekeeping by providing the resources and expertise needed to help the UN manage its important and difficult assignments stemming conflicts in the world’s most dangerous places.

* Paying off the U.S. $1 billion debt at the UN and eliminating barriers that stand in the way of the United States honoring its UN commitments on time, in full and without condition.

Again, welcome to the United Nations. Whatever the results of this November’s election, we trust that you will visit the UN frequently to help the United States work with the international community on behalf of a better, safer, more prosperous world for Americans and all people.