What are the “Best Buys” in Global Health?

What are the most crucial areas for investments in global health over the next five to ten years? That question was put to 1,500 international health and development professionals in a survey conducted by Devex, in partnership with the global health NGOs PSI and PATH (disclosure).

The results reveal a strong preference for investing in programs and projects that strengthen the infrastructure of health care systems. 63% of the respondents prioritized health systems strengthening as a key area for investment. The survey also revealed that 60% of global health experts believe that improving the ways that health care is delivered is the best strategy to strengthen health systems.



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It is telling that those on the frontlines of global health prioritize strengthening health systems–over, say, investing in new technologies and medicines to confront specific diseases. You can watch some of these experts, including some from the United Nations and partner organizations, discuss the implications of this finding and what they believe is a #BestBuy4GH. The livestream begins 3PM EST.

You can read the results of the survey in detail via PSI’s Impact Magazine.