What Happens After a Refugee Camp is Bombed

This is a really powerful video from Al Jazeera English. Good for them to send a camera crew to this remote refugee outpost.

The short story is that most aid agencies were forced to pull out of Yida camp after the Sudanese airforce bombed the place last week. (The refugees come from a population that the Sudanese government has sought to purge from their side of the Sudanese border).

Relief supplies–medicines and water–are dwindling, but the camp residence are staying put. UNHCR wants the refugees to come to a camp that is deeper inside South Sudanese territory where they would be safer from attack (Yida is only 15 KM from the border). So far, though, these refugees would rather stay as close as possible to their homes in the hopes that they can return soon.

Humanitarian agencies rightly don’t want to put their people at risk when there is a safer option deeper in Southern Sudanese territory. Eventually, though, the Yida camp will run out of food and water and these refugees will be forced to relocate. When that happens — and it probably will soon — the Sudanese government will have scored a tactical victory with last week’s bombing raid.