Merkel at the European People's Party Congress in Helsinki, Finland on November 8, 2018

What is Angela Merkel’s Legacy in International Affairs and Foreign Policy?

Later this month, Angela Merkel will step down after having served as chancellor of Germany since 2005. Her time in office coincided with a number of major world events, including the global financial crisis; the 2015 refugee and migrant crisis; Brexit, Crimea, Trump, COVID, and much more.

Throughout it all, Angela Merkel has been the de-facto leader of the European Union.

On the line with me to discuss some of the significant moments in Angela Merkel’s 16 years as Chancellor of Germany is Constanze Stelzenmüller,  the Fritz Stern Chair on Germany and Transatlantic Relations at the Brookings Institution.

We kick off discussing some of Angela Merkel’s domestic policy legacies before having a longer conversation about her lasting impact on international affairs.

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