UNMIL Photo/Christopher Herwig, April 17, 2009, Buchanan, Grand Bassa, Liberia -Private Linda Mensah, one of the 41 female members serving with Ghanbat 10 with UNMIL in Buchana on patrol about the Liberian Port City of Buchanan.

When UN Peacekeeping Works: The Story of the United Nations Mission in Liberia

In this special episode of Global Dispatches Podcast, we are bringing you the story of how UN Peacekeepers partnered with the people and government of Liberia to help transform the country from one of the bleakest places on the planet, to one of the more hopeful today.

When peacekeepers were first deployed to Liberia in 2003, the west African country had just experienced a devastating civil war. Fifteen years later, the last Blue Helmets left the country.  Through interviews and archival audio, you will hear from Liberians, UN officials and experts who explain how the UN Mission in Liberia, known as UNMIL, was able to work itself out of a job.

When the world works together, powerful and lasting change can take place.  UNMIL is a success of UN Peacekeeping. This episode tells its story.

This episode is produced in partnership with the United Nations Foundation as part of the special series that examines success stories of multilateral engagement.

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