Why Not Call Russia’s Bluff?

As predicted, the Russians vowed to veto the draft Security Council resolution on Syria as it is currently written. But Russia did leave the slim possibility they would relent if language is inserted that specifically prohibits the use of force.  So…why not call Moscow’s bluff and insert the language? After all, no one is actually seriously considering any armed intervention in Syria anyway. Neither the USA, NATO, Arab League, Turkey or others are contemplating using military force in Syria.

Even if things change dramatically, armed intervention would require explicit authorization by the Security Council under Chapter VII of the UN Charter. The Russians could use their veto then if they still feel the same way. For now, why not add language to pacify Russia’s concerns; secure Russia’s abstention; then pass the resolution?

You have to keep in mind, if implemented (a big if, I know) the resolution would end 41 years of Assad-family rule in Syria. That’s a big deal!