IAEA Safeguard inspector checking fuel assembly in a transport container located in the fresh fuel storage of the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant (NPP). Dean Calma/IAEA

Will Trump Destroy the Iran Nuclear Deal?

The diplomatic fallout from President Trump’s decision to decertify the Iran Nuclear Dead will be far and wide. As my podcast guest Spencer Ackerman puts it, this action “cannot be cauterized” from any other aspect of American diplomacy.

Ackerman recently wrote about the broader international implications of this action in an article for the Daily Beast. The article shows that even if this move does not result in the re-imposition of US sanctions — which could kill the deal — decertification nonetheless undermines American credibility among its allies and adversaries around the world.

But what does decertification actually mean? And will this action destroy the Iran Nuclear Deal? Ackerman explains these questions and offers his journalistic take on the likely diplomatic fallout from this action.

If you have 20 minutes and want to learn about the broader implications of this move by President Trump, have a listen.

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