This is “The Worst Dictatorship You Have Never Heard Of”

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 9.28.17 AMThe Gambia is a small country in western Africa. It’s a narrow sliver on the ocean, surrounded by Senegal. It has a population of under 2 million, and according to my guest today, Jeffrey Smith, it is the worst dictatorship you have never heard of.

Smith is a consultant to human rights activists in Africa through his firm Vanguard Africa. In our conversation he describes the politics of repression in Gambia and how the deteriorating situation there is having profound regional, and even global consequences. Indeed, Gambia as small as it is, is actually a major source of refugees crossing the Mediterranean to Europe. We also discuss a foiled coup plot that was planned in the United States by Gambian-Americans last year.

The Gambia is obviously not much in international headlines so I was glad to be able to shine a spotlight on this really under covered story. Even if you have barely heard of the Gambia or if you follow African politics closely, I think you will appreciate this conversation.

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