Biggest Protests Yet in Tahrir Square

Despite the Egyptian governments best efforts at co-opting the protest movement, the crowd in Tahrir square is as big as it has been since the #jan25 protest began.  There is a similarly large gathering in Alexandria.

Al Jazeera is reporting that the make-up of this crowd is somewhat more diverse than in recent weeks.  In particular, there seems to be greater representation among the upper classes. From Al Jazeera’s must read blog.

5:07pm Al Jazeera’s correspondents in Cairo said that there are a lot of Egyptians visiting the square for the first time today. Well dressed upper class people.

“The mood is euphoric, they are celebrating the sense of freedom. People chant freedom, we want freedom. They are euphoric about their ability to express themselves, this is something they have not been able to do in the past.

we have noticed in the Square that there is a recognition by people that this will not happen over night in order to achieve their aim.”

Also, don’t miss this interview with hip hop artist Omar Offendum, who discusses his new rap anthem for the Egypt protests.  The opening line is kinda brilliant:  “I heard them say the revolution won’t be televised/Al Jazeera proved them wrong/Twitter has them paralyzed.”

Check it out.