Blog Round-up #1

UN Dispatch has received a fair amount of attention from bloggers this week:

Henry from Crooked Timber says, “[B]logs like the newly created UN Dispatch can fill an unmet need, giving us a take on the UN that isn’t limited to cheap gotchas about corruption and sex scandals…. it appears to be rather stronger on actual factual information about the strengths and weaknesses of the UN than any of the other blogs opining on UN-related issues. One that I’ll be reading.”

Talk Left adds, “There is a dearth of blog coverage on U.N. activities (other than oil for food) so this is a welcome addition to the blogosphere.”

, a self-described “harsh critic” of the UN, writes, “I recommend checking out [UN Dispatch], which gives a rounded view of the institution as a whole, and presents another side.”

Some other blogs talking about UN Dispatch:

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