SG delivers remarks at the closing ceremony of COP21

Better Know The Paris Climate Agreement

The Paris agreement that was adopted on December 12 was a triumph of diplomacy. It is also a affirmation of idealism in international relations — that the anarchy of the international system can be transcended to find global solutions to global problems.

And the fact international community found a way to push the needle in the right direction on as complex an issue as climate change makes other global challenges suddenly seem a little less daunting.

The Paris Agreement itself is profoundly inventive document. On the line to discuss some of the finer points of contention in the agreement, how they were resolved and why certain countries like India played a key role in crafting final outcome, is Neil Bhatiya, a policy associate with the Century Foundation.

We discuss some of key questions that the agreement addresses, like how can the international community verify compliance with the accord and how the question of so-called “climate finance” will work. We also discuss the role of the United States in helping shape the final outcome.

If you are fascinated by diplomacy, want a closer look at the big issues that were up for negotiation and understand what comes next, have a listen!

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