Times Reporter Thomas Fuller: The Destructive Power of Impunity in in South East Asia

Thomas Fuller was the longtime Southeast Asia correspondent for the New York Times. He’s now based in San Francisco, but his last posting from the region caught my attention. Fuller describes a scene in which he is interviewing the leader of a protest in Thailand when that leader is gunned down right in front of him. The experience leads him to his conclusion of the piece: a rampant culture of impunity is threatening the region’s otherwise impressive gains.

thomas fullerWe also discuss some of Fuller’s other reporting from the region, including an incredible story last year in which he helped track down a boat full of Rohingya migrants stranded in the Andaman Sea.

This is a great episode. Fuller describes how he got started in journalism, some adventures from his early career working at the International Herald Tribune in France and how and why he feels such a deep bond with South East Asia.


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