OFDA Director Jeremy Konyndyk announces the new funding to media in Abjua Ola Aworinde US Embassy/Abjua

PODCAST: The Crisis in Northern Nigeria, Fighting Ebola, and Lessons Learned from a Career in Disaster Relief

My podcast guest Jeremy Konyndyk recently left his post as the top US global humanitarian relief official and has many stories to tell and lessons to share. Jeremy lead the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance at USAID during much of Obama’s second term and we discuss how the US responded to some key disasters, including the ebola outbreak and Typhoon in the Philippines.

Jeremy has been working in this field since the Balkans crises of the 1990s and I caught up with him just as he returned from a trip to northern Nigeria, which is currently beset by a major humanitarian crisis. We kick off discussing what he saw there before pivoting to discuss some of the major global crises in which his career has intersected.

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