PODCAST: The UN Released it’s First-Ever Report on the Regulation of Content on Twitter and Facebook

The UN Special Rapporteur for the Freedom of Expression has a mandate to protect free speech around the world.

Earlier this summer, the rapporteur, David Kaye, released the UN’s first-ever report on the regulation of user-generated online content — that is, how the governments and companies like Facebook and Twitter police their users.

Countries approach this question differently–as do companies. The report examines policies in both more authoritarian countries and more liberal countries, as well as the disparate policies of social media platforms. This is the first comprehensive global report of its kind.

In our conversation for the Global Dispatches podcast, David Kaye explains how human rights principles can inform debates about how to approach “fake news,” disinformation and online extremism all while maintaining a fidelity to the ideals of free speech.


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