Syria Diplomacy After the Paris Attacks: Is a Dayton-Style Peace Accord in the Works?

Could the horrible attack in Paris might provide the kind of exogenous shock to the international system that could unstick international diplomacy on Syria? After a key meeting in Vienna of the USA, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and all the relevant regional players it would appear that there is finally some movement on the diplomatic front.

Here with me to discuss the diplomatic implications of the Paris attacks is Ambassador Christopher Hill. He is a former US Ambassador to Iraq (among many other places) and was a lead US negotiator during the Balkan conflict. He’s now the Dean of the Korbel school at the University of Denver and was on Episode 29 of this very podcast to discuss his life, career, and his memoir Outpost

I caught up with Ambassador Hill just as he was leaving for Dayton, Ohio to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Dayton peace accords, which ended the Balkan civil wars. We have a very interesting conversation about the kinds of lessons that can be drawn from the Dayton experience and applied to international diplomacy on Syria.

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