The Libyan No-Fly Zone Debate: A Cheat Sheet

For the last week, a debate has been raging on whether or not the international community — or even just a single country — should impose a no-fly zone over Libya to assist rebels fighting to topple Muammar Gaddafi and to protect civilians against his air force. It is fair to say that more than a few people have weighed in either in favor or in opposition to the proposal. The sheer amount of debate on the no-fly zone had made is next to impossible for most people to keep up on the discussion. Heck, I follow this stuff for a living and I can not keep track of it all.

Below is a list of some of the people who have weighed in on the prospects of a no-fly zone, loosely organized into pro vs. con. Think of it as a Cliff Notes version of the debate.

Background And Explanations

Slate Magazine: How Do You Make a No-Fly Zone? What is a “no-fly zone” anyway?

Arguments In Favor Of A No-Fly Zone

John Kerry: Kerry urges Libya no-fly zone plan

Mitch McConnell: Top Senators Mull a No-Fly Zone

Arab League: Arab League backs Libya no-fly zone

France and UK: Britain, France push Libyan no fly zone: ‘There is a feeling of urgency now’

Gary Schmitt: Declare a No-Fly Zone in Libya Already

Michael Rubin: US should enforce a no-fly zone on Libya

Sarah Palin: Here’s to Libya’s Freedom

Richard Fontaine: Should the U.S. Move Against Qaddafi? A Logical, But Difficult, Step

David Cortright: A Multilateral No-Flight Zone

Joseph Lieberman: U.S. should consider no-fly zone over Libya, Lieberman says at Quinnipiac (video)

Bill Richardson: Richardson calls for no-fly zone over Libya

Roland Paris: Libyan no-fly zone touted by Canadian world affairs expert

Arguments Against A No-Fly Zone

Josh Rogin: U.S. Ambassador to NATO: No-fly zone wouldn’t help much

A Fistful of Euros: And it’s one jet airliner, for ten prisoners…

William Daley: Daley shoots down ‘no-fly zone’

Timothy P. Carney: ‘No-fly’ zone over Libya: Also known as ‘war’

John Carney: Just Say No to a ‘No Fly Zone’ Over Libya

Mark Leon Goldberg: Why A No Fly Zone for Libya Without Security Council Approval Would Be Bad for America

Robert Gates: Gates Warns of Risks of a No-Flight Zone

Peter Hitchens: No-fly zones? Oh, grow up Mr Cameron

Carlos Yordán: The Limitations of a No-Fly Zone Over Libya

Tom Ricks: What Obama needs to do with Libya — and with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, today

Andrew Sullivan: A No-Fly Zone Over Libya, Ctd