Top of the Morning: Libyan Outlaws to the ICC?; Bangkok Floods Getting Deeper; UNICEF Amb Kate Middleton?

Top Stories from today’s DAWNS Digest.

Are Gaddhafi’s Son and Former Intel Chief Really Trying to Turn Themselves in to the ICC?

Back in June, the International Criminal Court issued arrest warrants for Muammar Gaddhafi, his son Seif Al Islam and the intelligence chief Abdullah al-Senussi. With Gaddhafi no longer of this earth that leaves the last two under international indictment. Reports late on Wednesday suggest that Seif and al-Senussi are somewhere in the Libyan-Niger borderlands. And if a top official from the Transitional National Council is to be believed, the two are trying to broker a deal in which they will be transferred to the Hague for prosecution. “On the run in the desert, fearing for his life after his father was captured and slain and despairing of any safe haven across an African border, the 39-year-old who many once assumed would inherit dynastic power from Moammar Gadhafi now saw a Dutch prison cell as his best option, the official said. With him was his relative, former intelligence chief Abdullah al-Senussi, the third man indicted along with the two Gadhafis by the International Criminal Court (ICC) after their crackdown on the popular revolt that began in February. ‘They are proposing a way to hand themselves over to The Hague,’ said Abdel Majid Mlegta, a senior military official for the National Transitional Council. NTC forces toppled Gadhafi in August and overran his hometown and final bastion of Sirte a week ago, capturing the fallen strongman, who was then killed. An ICC spokesman said it had no confirmation of any talks.” (Reuters

It’s About to Hit the Fan in Bangkok

The massive flooding everyone has been anticipating seems to be upon us. Evacuations have been ordered for the first time, roadways are crowded and previously safe areas are now becoming inundated. “Floods swamped a new area of Thailand’s capital on Wednesday as some shops rationed food and Bangkok’s governor warned of ‘massive water’ on the way that could put many parts of the sprawling city in danger by the end of the week. Large-scale evacuation was underway in Bang Phlad, a riverside area some way from Bangkok’s inundated northern districts, as floods hit the capital on a second front, deepening anxiety in the city of 12 million people, many of whom were expected to flee before a special five-day holiday. ‘Now we’re at a critical moment, we need to monitor the situation closely from 28-31 October, when many areas might be critical,’ Bangkok Governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra told reporters on Wednesday. ‘Massive water is coming.’ (Reuters

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Kate Middleton?

William and Kate, er, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are heading to a UNICEF supply depot in Denmark next week to help pack relief supplies for the Horn of Africa crisis. Naturally, this is causing all sorts of wild speculation in British tabloid media. “The Duke and the Duchess have travelled extensively in the region – particularly Kenya, where William actually proposed. During the engagement, the couple will receive a verbal briefing from UNICEF staff about the current situation, before touring the supply division floor, where they will be invited to pack some boxes of supplies, meet staff, and view displays of items supplied by UNICEF to those in need. There will also be a private meeting with UNICEF donors. The trip has sparked speculation that Kate, who is currently deciding on which formal charitable patronages she wishes to take on, may seek to become an ambassador for the charity. But senior royal sources say this is unlikely. ‘The couple are seeking to use their joint profile to focus global attention on the terrible situation in East Africa and help push the issue up the international agenda,’ they told the Mail.” (Daily Mail