Tragedy in Colombia

“Colombian rescuers have been searching frantically for hundreds of missing people after the southern city of Mocoa was engulfed on Saturday by a huge landslide of mud, rocks and gushing waters that swept away homes and cars and killed more than 200 people. The Colombian president, Juan Manuel Santos, arrived in Mocoa on Sunday to survey the crisis. Officials from the national disaster agency had counted 207 dead by Sunday morning, with 43 children among the victims, and the death toll was expected to rise. A further 203 people were injured, many in a critical condition. Without power, gas or telephone service and with little clean water, about 600 survivors spent Sunday in makeshift shelters, on high alert for any further rainfall that could trigger another mudslide.” (Guardian

International Aid Workers Detained in Yemen…”Al Houthi rebels have abducted seven local employees of a humanitarian aid group and accused them of spying for foreign intelligence, according to security officials. The rebels raided a hotel the humanitarian group was using in Ibb province, taking the employees to a prison in the capital, Sana’a. International Medical Corps said five staff members and two drivers had been detained, and that they were working to secure their release so they could continue to aid a population suffering from war. “Despite the ongoing conflict that has caused a steady deterioration of humanitarian conditions across the country since 2015, our relief efforts continue to provide a lifeline for families,” in several Yemeni cities, said Rebecca Gustafson, a group spokeswoman.” (Gulf News