UN Foundation Press Fellows Link Drop

The UN Foundation Press fellowship wrapped up yesterday. Here’s a collection of some of the work of the participating fellows.

Tom Murphy, A View from the Cave: USAID/FWD Some Promise and Some Transparency

Tom Murphy, PSI Healthy Lives (which I co-edit):  PSI Ambassador Mandy Moore Discusses Bednets, Mobilizing Youth for Social Good…and ‘Friday Night Lights’

Tom Wilerman: The Tennessean: “Foundation Aims to Increase Vaccinations

Tom Paulson, HumanosphereUN summit on global health: Making a longer list or better strategy?

Tom Watkins, CNN:  Ted Turner no fan of nuclear power, but it beats coal

Tabby Biddle, Huffington Post,  Every Mother Counts: Christy Turlington Speaks at the Social Good Summit

Larisa Epatko, PBS NewsHour:  USAID Chief: Somalia Must ‘Stop Standing in the Way’ of Aid

Larisa Epatko: PBS NewsHour:  Obama: Israelis, Palestinians ‘Must Reach Agreement on the Issues that Divide Them

Tabby Biddle Huffington Post: The U.N. Puts Women and Girls at Center of Conversation

Jason Gale Bloomberg: Killer Diseases Spur UN Action Call to Avert $47T Cost

Jason Gale Bloomberg: Clinton Urges Al-Shabaab Militants to Let Food Aid Into Somalia

Deb Sherman, Reuters: UN assembly backs steps to fight chronic disease

Tom Wilemon: United Nations Foundation aspires to help mothers, children

Mariama Diallo, Voice of America, Experts Stress Use of Vaccines to Controlling Chronic Disease