Credit Mel Snyder via inclusive security, via Flickr

What Happens When Women are Excluded from Peace Talks?

The United States is deep into negotiations with the Taliban over some sort of political arrangement that would enable the Taliban’s entrance into Afghan politics while the US drew down its troop levels.

The specifics of these negotiations are opaque–not much is known about what is on the table.

What we do know is that there are precisely zero Afghan women at the table.

And what we also know, thanks to research done in part by my guest today Anna Tonelli, is that the exclusion of women from peace negotiations is a predictor of failure for peace negotiations.

When women are excluded from peace talks, those peace talks are less likely to result in any durable success.

Anna Tonelli is the inclusive peace and security senior policy advisor wth Oxfam International. In this conversation we discuss some of the research that links the success of peace talks to the inclusion of women. We discuss examples from around the world, but kick off discussion the situation in Afghanistan.

If you have 25 minutes and want to learn what the research says about the inclusion and exclusion of women in peace negotiations, have a listen.

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