A Kennedy in the Cabinet?

(cross-posted at On Day One)


As rumors swirl about whom U.S. President-Elect Barack Obama might appoint to high-profile Cabinet positions, there has been comparatively little gossip about who will, most literally, be the face of the next administration to the rest of the world. Whether or not Obama makes the U.S. Permanent Representative to the UN an official “Cabinet” position, he or she will play a tremendous role in rehabilitating the United States’ reputation and pushing through solutions to the biggest global problems.

Two names that have been floated for the post are Caroline Kennedy, daughter of JFK and a prominent Obama supporter during the primaries, and Susan Rice, a former Africa specialist in the Clinton administration. While Kennedy’s appointment seems unlikely, the only question about Rice, a seasoned foreign policy hand and member of Obama’s closest circle, is probably where she ends up in the administration.

(And if Caroline doesn’t make it, Robert Kennedy, Jr. is purportedly being considered to head the Environmental Protection Agency.)

(photo from flickr user Vaguely Artistic under a Creative Commons license)