Alaa Salah, a Sudanese student, standing on a car in the 2018–19 Sudanese protests. The image went viral as a symbol of the protests. Fair use/Wikimedia Commons

An Extremely Fragile Democratic Transition is Underway in Sudan

In April 2019, Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir was ousted in a coup after nearly 30 years in power. The coup followed months of mass civilian protests against his regime.  The transition from dictatorship to democracy has been extremely rocky, but in December 2022 civilian and military leaders entered into an agreement under heavy international pressure.

Guest Hala al-Karib is a Sudanese activist, research practitioner and director of the Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa. We kick off discussing who negotiated that December 5 agreement and its key provisions before discussing the many layers of challenges to a successful democratic transition in Sudan.

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