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**** UPDATED September 2022 ****


If you are reading this, chances are you have a professional interest in international relations and related fields like national security, human rights, international development, international law and geopolitics.

I’m journalist Mark Leon Goldberg, editor of UN Dispatch and host of the Global Dispatches podcast. I’ve put together this select list of podcast episodes for foreign policy professionals, professors, students, and other aficionados of international relations and related fields.  Each episode features a ~20 minute conversational interview around a specific topic with a well-informed guest, usually a journalist, policymaker or think-tank type. 

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Geopolitics and Grand Strategy

The Big Problem With “Great Power Competition” | Ali Wyne

 “Weaponized Interdependence” and the Future of International Relations | With Daniel Drezner

Ian Bremmer on How COVID-19 is Accelerating Geopolitical Shifts

Legendary US Diplomat Thomas Pickering Explains How the US Can Get Its Multilateral Groove Back

The Rise of China

Is the United States “Inflating” the Military Threat From China?

Chinese “Debt Trap Diplomacy” is a Myth

How China Views Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

A Grounds-eye view of the Demise of Democracy in Hong Kong

China Needs Soy. Brazil Farms It. The Amazon Rainforest Gets Destroyed

What the Trouble Between the NBA and China Tells Us About the Future of International Relations


Nuclear Security and Non-Proliferation

The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons Becomes International Law

Can North Korea Be Deterred?


Conflicts and Crises in Africa

A Peace Deal Has Ended South Sudan’s Civil War

Burkina Faso is Experiencing a Surge in Violence


Conflicts in Crises in the Middle East and North Africa

Stranded by Civil War, A Leaky Oil Tanker Off the Coast of Yemen Threatens to Unleash the World’s Worst-Ever Oil Spill

A Dramatic Turn of Events in Libya

Why the Conventional Wisdom About the Arab Spring is Wrong | Noah Feldman

Lebanon is in the Midst of a Jaw-Dropping Economic Free Fall


Humanitarianism and Global Development

Global Health and Pandemic Prevention


Bureaucratic Politics + Foreign Policy

Can the Global Fragility Act Help Prevent Conflicts Before They Start? With Dr. Dafna Rand

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, The Podcast Interview

Global Perspectives on COVID-19 Pandemic

Why COVID-19 is NOT Raging out of Control in the Central African Republic

How the Coronavirus Pandemic is Stifling Free Speech Around the World

What Can Political Science Teach Us About How Different Countries Are Handling COVID19? 

The Coronavirus Human Rights Crackdown

How a Large Global Humanitarian Organization is Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic


Women’s Rights

How the United States Can Embrace a Feminist Foreign Policy

UNFPA Director Dr. Natalia Kanem Explains What You Need to Know About The Nairobi Summit on ICPD25

Why Human Rights Defender Gulalai Ismail Fled Pakistan



China Needs Soy. Brazil Farms It. The Amazon Rainforest Gets Destroyed

New Trends in Global Trade Are Changing How Women Work Around the World


Globalization, Transnational Issues, and Transnational Threats

The Dictator’s Digital Dilemma 

How the Black Lives Matter Movement Went Global

How Prepared are We for the Next Big Global Epidemic?


Intellectual Traditions

Is Progressive Realism The Future of US Foreign Policy? 

Better Know John Maynard Keynes, the Economist Who Charted a New Path for International Cooperation

How Fear Distorts US Foreign Policy