And that’s how you give a convention speech

Yes, Hillary’s was well done too, but I’m talking about Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer. That guy knows how to work a crowd.

It’s worth the watch if for only that reason, but he also delivered what has, to this point, been the Convention’s most robust prime-time argument for a new direction in energy policy.

“America consumes 25 percent of the oil, but has less than 3 percent of the reserves. You don’t need a $2 calculator to figure that one out. There just isn’t enough oil in America — on land or offshore — to meet America’s full energy needs. Barack Obama understands that the most important barrel of oil is the one you don’t use.”

Kudos to Schweitzer for clearly recognizing the importance of efficiency and energy independence.

His support for “clean coal” is misguided, but, all in all, Schweitzer delivered a message that must be heard in prime time.