Boston Marathon Bombing Marks a Deadly Week So Far

The Boston Marathon bombing does not even rank as the deadliest terrorist attack in the world this week. To put this in perspective:

On Sunday, at least 29 people were killed in a pair of bombings in Somalia. The attack targeted the Supreme Court building in Mogadishu, killing a number of lawyers and other court officials. Another simultanous bombing stuck near the airport. Al Shebab claimed responsibility. This bombing shattered a period of relative calm and security in Mogadishu, which is just starting to recover from a long period of intense fighting with Al Shebab, which had been largely defeated.

Monday:  Boston Marathon Bombing: 3 killed, 140 injured.

TodayAt least 50 people were killed in dozens of coordinated attacks across Iraq, in advance of elections next week. “Officials said more than 30 bombings and a shooting hit 12 different areas of Iraq, leaving 50 people dead and making Monday the country’s deadliest day since March 19.”

In Pakistan, at least  9 people were killed and nearly 50 injured in a suicide bombing at a political rally. This was the fourth deadly attack on politicians and political rallies in Pakistan over the past three days. There will be elections next month.

…And it’s only Tuesday.

Let’s all try to live up to peacemaker Martin Richard’s hopes and expectations of us as a species.