Council convenes high-level debate on Haiti, Special Envoy Clinton’s Office releases analysis of pledges made for recovery efforts, and more from UN Direct

Haiti: today the SC held a high-level debate on Haiti chaired by the President of Colombia.  In his remarks, the SG said he was encouraged that the second round of polling was peaceful, adding that recovery and reconstruction are slowly gathering momentum.  The number of those living in camps has decreased from 1.5 million in camps July 2010 to 680,000 today; however, some of the reduction has not been entirely voluntary and many are at risk of forced eviction.  The SG also added that Haitians are looking to next government to deliver and the incoming parliament should begin to amend constitution before next president is inaugurated.  Special Envoy Clinton and President Preval also addressed the Council.  The Office of the Special Envoy has conducted a new analysis on pledges made for recovery, showing a 2010-2011 disbursement rate among public sector donors of 37.2%.  Detailed information is available on the website of the Office of the Special Envoy.

UN Staff: the SG marked passing of several dozen UN and associated personnel today by laying a wreath and vowing to continue their work.  More than 40 UN staff have died in service this year ranging from incidents in the DRC to Afghanistan, Sudan, Haiti and Cote d’Ivoire.  The SG said that we “stand in solidarity”, united in sorrow and in our mission, adding that the UN has been asked to take on greater responsibility and greater risk.  In light of evolving realities, the SG has instructed his senior managers to conduct a review of the UN’s security needs and policies.

Libya: OCHA says there  remains a “dire need for further access” and humanitarian action in NW Libya and is extremely concerned with the protection of civilians, including from gender-based violence and landmines.  Around 13,000 remained stranded at camas and transit points in Tunisia, Egypt, Niger and Algeria.  UNHCR and Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie have expressed “deep shock” today at the reported drowning of 213 people in rough waters off of the coast of Italy as they were attempting to flee Libya.  Many women and three children among are the dead, but the Italian Coastguard has rescued 47 people.