Episode 76: Liz Sly

Journalist Liz Sly is the Beirut bureau chief for the Washington Post. She is one of my favorite and go-to-reporters for news and context about Syria and the broader middle east. We kick off discussing the current situation in Beirut, which has seen a massive influx of Syrian refugees. We also spend a good amount of time discussing the situation in Syria, before pivoting to a longer conversation about her life and career.

Sly is a veteran journalist who has reported from around the world. We discuss how she got her start, why she was so attracted to Beirut in the 1980s, and what it was like covering some of the biggest global stories of the last 30 years, including reporting from Rwanda just after the April 1994 genocide.

Our conversation is definitely heavy at times, but certainly worth your attention. If you are interested in the middle east, foreign policy, journalism and learning from one of the most respected foreign correspondents in the middle east you will love this episode.

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