Episode 77: Carne Ross

Carne Ross is the founder of Independent Diplomat, a non-profit that provides diplomatic services to marginalized groups around the world. He was a long serving member of the British foreign service, mostly covering the Middle East and Iraq before he resigned in 2004 after giving secret testimony to a British inquiry investigating the botched intelligence about Iraq’s WMD program. His testimony was rather damning, earning him quite a few enemies in the British government.  When the testimony was released, Carne became a public figure in the UK.

In this episode, Carne Ross discusses his long career in the foreign service, including working the Iraq portfolio at the Security Council. We discuss his work with Independent Diplomat, and discuss why he decided to enter the diplomatic ranks in the first place. And here, you’ll see  how the author Salman Rushdie had a rather unique influence over his career trajectory. This is fascinating episode. Enjoy!

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