EU Attacked in Mali Attack

Nearly 600 EU personnel are deployed to train Mali’s security forces. Their headquarters in Bamako came under attack. “Gunmen on Monday attacked a hotel in Mali’s capital, Bamako, that had been converted into the headquarters of a European Union military training operation, but there no casualties among the mission’s personnel. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, which began at around 6:30 p.m. local time (1830 GMT), but Mali and neighboring West African countries have increasingly been the target of Islamist militants, some of them affiliated with al Qaeda. One of the assailants was killed and two suspects were arrested and were being interrogated, the country’s internal security minister said. A witness said the attack targeted Bamako’s Nord-Sud Hotel, headquarters for the mission of nearly 600 EU personnel deployed to Mali to train its security forces.” (Reuters

A Landmark ICC Ruling…”War crimes judges Monday found former Congolese vice president Jean-Pierre Bemba guilty of a deliberate campaign of widespread rapes and killings by his private army in Central African Republic over a decade ago. In a landmark verdict, the judges from the International Criminal Court (ICC) found Bemba guilty on five charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity, saying he had retained “effective command and control” over the forces sent in to CAR to quell an attempted coup against the then president. It was the first case before the ICC to focus on sexual violence as a weapon of war, as well as to find a military commander to blame for the atrocities carried out by his forces even though he did not order them.” (AFP

EU deal not slowing down migrant flow…More than 1,600 migrants have landed in Greece since a landmark EU-Turkish deal on curbing the influx took effect, officials said Monday, highlighting the challenges still facing efforts to tackle the crisis. (AFP And Greece made an appeal for help dealing with migrant influx. (Reuters

Stat of the day: The rate of carbon emissions is higher than at any time in fossil records stretching back 66 million years to the age of the dinosaurs, according to a study on Monday that sounds an alarm about risks to nature from man-made global warming. (Reuters

Comings and Goings...Jonathan Fahey, a veteran business reporter and editor, has been named global health editor for The Associated Press, overseeing a team of journalists to cover medicine, public health, the health care business and consumer health issues. (ABC

Some SuperSunday Results

The pro-government “Yes” camp won a majority in Senegal’s constitutional referendum, according to partial results published Monday by the media after a vote seen as a test of the president’s popularity. (AFP

Cape Verde’ main opposition Movement for Democracy party won parliamentary elections, results showed overnight, taking back power after 15 years. (Reuters

Benin Prime Minister Lionel Zinsou on Monday conceded defeat to businessman Patrice Talon in presidential elections. (Reuters


Guinea’s Ebola coordination unit has traced an estimated 816 people who may have come into contact with victims of the disease or their corpses during a recent flare-up in a village in the country’s southeast, a health official said on Monday. (Reuters

The Islamist group al Shabaab attacked a Somali military base southwest of the capital Mogadishu on Sunday night, killing at least one person and seizing vehicles and other equipment, the government and the militants said. (Reuters

It has been a month since Ugandan police placed opposition leader Kizza Besigye under house arrest following the February 18 presidential election. Besigye has since been arrested about nine times – whenever he tries to leave his house. (VOA

South Africa’s ruling party said it had full confidence in President Jacob Zuma after a three-day party summit following mounting claims of political interference by the leader’s business friends. (Reuters


Russia warned on Monday that it was prepared to act unilaterally in Syria against groups that it said were breaking the cease-fire there, injecting a volatile new element into a conflict that has been calmer in recent weeks. (WaPo

Egypt’s state-run news agency says the top judicial disciplinary council has forced 14 judges into early retirement for allegedly supporting the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group. (AP

The United States on Monday rejected Russia’s call for an urgent meeting over violations of Syria’s three-week cessation of hostilities, saying that its concerns were already being handled in a constructive manner. (Reuters

Medical treatment given to more than 2,100 Syrians in recent years is one of the reasons why Israel’s border with country has become so quiet. (VOA


China said on Monday agreements like the one reached last week by the United States and the Philippines allowing for a U.S. military presence at five Philippine bases raised questions about militarization in the South China Sea. (Reuters

Myanmar democracy champion Aung San Suu Kyi will control the incoming government of her National League for Democracy through her position as party leader, a senior official said, indicating she was unlikely to take a formal post in the administration. (Reuters

Drought in Southeast Asia is raising concerns in the Cambodian and Vietnamese countryside where salinity levels are rising in the Mekong River and people are skeptical about fresh promises from Laos that it will respect the rights of downstream countries in dam construction. (VOA

Hope that the conditions will improve for the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar under Aung San Suu Kyi’s new government has contributed to a slowdown in the number fleeing to Thailand and beyond, the United Nations and European Union said on Monday. (Reuters

Almost 40 years after Indonesia banned the practice of shackling people with mental health conditions, nearly 19,000 are still living in chains, or are locked up in institutions where they are vulnerable to abuse, according to a new report from Human Rights Watch. (Guardian

The Asian Development Bank said on Monday it would lend $123.3 million to the Philippines to modernize water supply in the capital, Manila, to reduce the risk of shortages as demand for water rises in the megacity. (Reuters

One month on from Tropical Cyclone Winston needs remain huge in Fiji. (ICRC

The Americas

Portuguese police arrested a suspect and carried out searches in Lisbon on Monday in connection with a major corruption investigation in Brazil that’s ensnared senior politicians. (AP

Haiti’s lower chamber of parliament on Sunday rejected a program submitted by Prime Minister Fritz Jean, lawmakers said, throwing up a new hurdle as the politically volatile country struggles to meet deadlines to transfer power from an interim to an elected government. (Reuters

Members of Colombia’s Marxist FARC guerrillas will meet U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in Cuba, a spokeswoman for Colombia’s government peace negotiators said on Sunday, adding a twist to a historic visit to the island by U.S. President Barack Obama. (Reyters

Visiting French far-right leader Marine Le Pen took aim at the Liberal Canadian government’s policies on immigration and citizenship in terror cases. (AFP

…and the rest

An EU deal with Turkey may severely limit an influx of migrants to northern and central European countries, but could place fresh strain on the budget of Greece, the frontline state that is already struggling to rebuild its public finances. (Reuters

Paris attacks probe: what we know so far (AFP

The humanitarian system requires radical reform says Degan Ali, head of Kenyan NGO Adeso. She argues it is time local NGOs demanded more power. (Guardian


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