General Assembly to take up Goldstone Report next week

The General Assembly will discuss the Goldstone Report next week, and in all likelihood the Assembly will pass a resolution recommending that the Security Council seize itself of the matter.  I dare say, though, that this will likely be the end of the line for the report.  The United States’ objections to the report are well known.  Also, China and Russia are unlikely to set a precedent in which their human rights record might someday be examined. As one close UN watcher told me, there is no appetite from the P-5 to take this on.   After next weeks General Assembly vote, it would seem that the report has finally run its course.  

That said, I think it is important not to lose sight of the ultimate conclusion of this report, which is that in order for lasting peace to take hold there must be some sort of accountability mechanisms for crimes committed by both sides during the conflict.    In the political storm surrounding the report, that basic point is too frequently lost. 


Also, don’t miss this excellent interview with Judge Goldstone from Bill Moyers.