Haiti Earthquake. New UN Death Toll Released; Relief Effort Updates-By-The-Numbers

The UN death toll has reached 61, with 180 people — mostly Haitian national staff —  still unaccounted for.  (This Facebook group is a good resource for friends and family of UN employees who have been affected by the tragedy.)

Meanwhile, aid continues to pour into Haiti today.  At a press conference this afternoon, a UN spokesperson offered some facts and figures about the UN response. $195 million dollars has been received for the flash appeal, with an additional $112 million pledged. This accounts for 34% of the $575 million international appeal that was launched last Friday. This money goes toward UN agencies like the World Food Program, UNICEF and other agencies and NGOs working on the ground. 

Meanwhile, the World Food Program has so far delivered 3 million meals to about 200,000 people.  This, obviously, is far too few considering that 3 million people are believed to be effected. But the relief effort continues. 

Yesterday, the UN said that $40 million would be allocated to “cash for work” programs to put young people to work clearing the rubble. 

The World Health Organization just released this map of the medical infrastructure of Port au Prince.  I count 9 operational hospitals. 



The International Federation for the Red Cross reports that logjams at the air port and in overland routes continue to be a problem.  The severely damaged airport, which is being overseen by the United States, is now  running at 170 percent above its normal capacity. 

Reuters reports that the Haitian government plans on re-locating 400,000 people outside the city center: “In the first wave, the government would move 100,000 refugees to tent villages of 10,000 each near the northern town of Croix Des Bouquets, he added. He gave no timing but said this would start as soon as possible.”

Bill Clinton is scheduled to brief the press at 3:30 today.  Updates soon.

Image: Flickr (UN Foundation) caption:”In Port-au-Prince, the World Food Programme, identified by its French acronym PAM, is meeting with other UN and humanitarian agencies to coordinate the distribution of vital aid and supplies. Cooperation and communication are paramount to maximizing the UN’s relief and recovery efforts in the devastated region. UN Foundation Photo/D. Evans “

UPDATE: Video of joint press conference with Bill Clinton and Ban Ki Moon yesterday afternoon: