Human Rights on the Agenda

Human Rights is back in the news. On Monday, Hillary Clinton delivered a long speech on the topic at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Today, the State Department is hosting a live chat, via facebook, with Michael Posner,  Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL in State-speak). So far, it looks like the Save Darfur crowd are stacking the questions (and good for them!). Friend of Dispatch, Sam Bell of the Genocide Intervention Network asks:

There are a number of recommendations for the State Department in this report ( released a year detailing how the US govt. could do better at preventing genocide. Specifically, the report talks about DRL as the leader of an interagency group looking at emerging threats. What’s the status on implementing the recommendations of this report and this recommendation in particular? 

The sentiment is echoed by many other questioners.   I’m curious to see how Posner responds.