Jesus, Mother Teresa and Gandhi Meet a Swedish Hipster. You’ll Never Guess What Happens Next

Slacktivism gets a heavenly boost, via UNICEF-Sweden.

These videos serve an important purpose.

There are basically two ways UNICEF gets funded: from donor governments and from individuals  or corporations who donate through their national UNICEF Committees. When Americans contribute to “Trick or Treat for Unicef” for example, they are actually donating to the US Committee for UNICEF, a tax deductible charity that passes the donations on to the mothership.

There are 36 UNICEF national committees and they play a very important role in keeping children fed, schooled, and safe around the world. Nearly a quarter of UNICEF’s $3.9 billion budget last year comes from national committees. The top national committee donor is UNICEF Japan, followed by France, Germany and the USA.  UNICEF Sweden is the sixth largest national committee donor, contributing about $65 million last year.

So, have a chuckle, then pony up. UNICEF depends entirely on charitable giving to deliver humanitarian assistance to children around the world.