Linked Up: What Iran Wants, Women in Congo, Dead Sardines, and Stratfor on Sri Lanka

Writing in The Argument, former UN Development Program representative in Iran Francesco Bastagli emphasizes that the most important dynamic in U.S. policy toward Iranian nuclear capacity is to understand why, particularly domestically, Iran is pushing for nukes. From reading this Michael Crowley post, I’d recommend taking into account the stances of neighboring Arab nations as well.

Commentary on the devastating use of femicide in DR Congo from “Vagina Monologues” author and V-Day founder Eve Ensler, adapted from her recent testimony before a U.S. Senate subcommittee.

To the under-accounted potential global warming-related disasters (I’m thinking along the lines of ruined artwork, not entire island nations being swallowed up by the ocean) add mysteriously dying penguins, sardines, and baby flamingos in Chile. A study of this morbid mystery has not yet confirmed suspicions that global warming is the culprit, but for the sake of beachgoers who do not want to smell millions of dead sardines, precautionary measures can only help.

Stratfor agrees with me that the Tamil Tigers won’t necessarily need a territorial base to re-group and re-terrorize the population, and that Sri Lanka’s solution will ultimately have to be political, not military.

(image from flickr user quiplash! under a Creative Commons license)