Miliband on Bolton

Well said, from David Miliband, the blogging British Foreign Minister:

Today the latest round of talks on a successor to START finish in Geneva. Last week former US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, argued in the New York Times that START negotiations with Russia are no more than “a fast way” for the US to “lose the arms race”

This zero-sum Cold War mentality, that sees US cooperation as a win for Russia, misses the point – cooperation brings gains for both the US and Russia, and it allows them to draw closer together on meeting the real, shared threats they face.

Today’s major threats to the US and its allies come not from Russia but from states like North Korea and Iran, and from asymmetric warfare carried out by groups like AQ. Our resources and energy should go into combating these far greater threats. START is right for the new, more joined-up world.