Mir Hussein Moussavi coming out against the IAEA nuclear deal

The saga of the potential Iranian low-enriched uranium export deal continues.  The New York Times reports that Iran is preparing a counter-offer, which may or may not include sending partial shipments of its low-enriched-uranium outside the country for further processing.  This sort of back and forth is to be expected. But what caught my eye was this:

Some of Mr. Ahmadinejad’s conservative rivals have already criticized the plan as a risky concession to the West, and on Thursday, the opposition leader Mir-Hussein Moussavi joined them, suggesting that any response to the plan would have negative consequences for Iran.“If they are put in place, all the efforts of thousands of scientists will go to the wind,” Mr. Moussavi said of the proposed plan’s conditions, according to opposition Web sites. “If they are not put in place, the foundations will be laid for wide-ranging sanctions against Iran, and this is the result of a confrontational stance in foreign policy and the neglect of national interests and principles.”

It would seem that the man for whom we tinted our Twitter feeds green is coming out against the proposed nuclear deal with Iran. How very disappointing. 


Thumbnail from: http://iran.greenthumbnails.com/