MSF: Top Ten Humanitarian Crises of 2008

Medicines sans Frontieres (a.k.a Doctors Without Borders) released its annual list if the years’ top ten humanitarian crises.

* Somalia’s Humanitarian Catastrophe Worsens
* Beyond the International Spotlight, Critical Health Needs in Myanmar Remain Unmet
* Health Crisis Sweeps Zimbabwe as Violence and Economic Collapse Spread
* Civilians Trapped as War Rages in Eastern Congo
* Millions of Malnourished Children Left Untreated Despite Advances in Lifesaving Nutritional Therapies
* Critical Need of Assistance in Ethiopia’s Somali Region
* Civilians Killed and Forced to Flee as Fighting Intensifies in Northwestern Pakistan
* No End in Sight to Violence and Suffering in Sudan
* Iraqi Civilians in Urgent Need of Assistance
* HIV/TB Co-infections Posses Health Battle on Two Fronts

The links will take you to a detailed description of each individual crisis, accompanied by slides and photos of what MSF is up against. It is a powerful reminder that we in politically stable communities with functioning health systems have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season.