Andrew Hart

PODCAST: The Fallout Begins from Trump’s Decision to Leave the Paris Agreement

Donald Trump has pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement

In the wake of this decision, I wanted to get a sense of the consequences to both the climate change goals embedded in the Paris Agreement and also to the wider diplomacy and geopolitics that surrounds global climate change.

Today, I bring you two perspectives on these very timely questions. First, I speak with Paula Caballero of the World Resources Institute who does a good job explaining the kinds of global implications of this decision. Then, I speak with Pete Ogden of the United Nations Foundation. We discuss the linkages between federal and sub-national domestic politics, like the actions of mayors and governors, to this decision.

If you have 30 minutes and want a deeper understanding of the implications of the US decision to walk out of the world’s most important climate change agreement, have a listen.

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