Rising Powers

New from the Stanley Foundation is a fantastic new interactive (and aesthetically pleasing) website, Rising Powers, which chronicles how emerging powers like Brazil, China, and the European Union are changing the global landscape. The site also includes some key data on how non-state actors are responding to the rise of alternate power centers to the United States. It’s fascinating stuff…but wait, there’s more! To accompany this new project, the Stanley Foundation has teamed up with a number of journalistic enterprises to sponsor a new audio documentary series for public radio.

TSF’s new project immediately conjures to mind this On Day One video cut by Parag Khanna, author of Second World: Empires and Influence in the New Global Order which chronicles how international relations is changing as new global power centers emerge. In the clip below, Khanna argues that the United States must completely overhaul its public diplomacy apparatus to make the most from these changes.