Security Council to Discuss Massacres in Syria

The UK said it will bring yesterday’s atrocities in Syria before the Security Council.

The council will meet in New York, a spokeswoman for the U.K. Foreign Office in London said by telephone, declining to be identified in line with government practice. Foreign Secretary William Hague said today securing a resolution condemning the violence will be “difficult work.” China and Russia have been blocking a U.S. and European-backed draft in the 15-member body since late May.

“I would like to see a United Nations Security Council resolution to condemn this violence, to call for the release of political prisoners and to call for legitimate grievances to be responded to,” Hague told BBC Radio 4’s “Today” program. “We want to see stronger international pressure all round.”


“There is no prospect of a legal, morally sanctioned military intervention; therefore we have to concentrate on other ways of influencing the Assad regime and trying to help the situation in Syria,” Hague told the BBC. “It is a very frustrating situation. The levers that we have in this situation are relatively limited but we should be frank in admitting that and then working with the ones that we have.”

There is still no word on whether or not China and Russia are even prepared to contemplate any sort of resolution.  The two countries have so far been steadfast in their opposition to any sort of Security Council action on Syria.  President Bashir, meanwhile, has counted on this dis-unity to give him some space to continue his crackdown.

The death toll from Syrian Security forces assault on the city of Hama stands at around 150 people.  The bombing and shelling of the city continues today.

The question is: how much violence is required in Syria before Russia and China are at least prepared to abstain from a Security Council resolution?