SG meets with Congressional leadership, WFP delivers food aid in conflict-stricken Libya and more from UN Direct

SG: this morning the SG held a breakfast meeting with members of HFAC, discussing Cote d’Ivoire and Libya, and other trouble spots where UN is playing a significant role, stating “The UN does on a daily basis what no country can do alone” and emphasizing the return on the U.S.’ investment, especially in places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan and Haiti.  He also held a bilateral meeting with John Kerry, followed by a meeting with the SFRC and held a press stakeout.  This afternoon he met with Secretary Clinton.

Cote d’Ivore: Heavy fighting continues in Abidjan, where UNOCI is monitoring the situation of foreign nationals, and is prepared to rescue them, if needed.  Yesterday, troops deployed to protect a bridge and were shelled, forcing them to return fire.

Libya: WFP has brought a ship with food aid into Misratah, including high-energy biscuits, water, vegetable oil, flour, hygiene and surgical kits and emergency health kits, among other supplies.

Somalia: a high-level meeting will take place April 12-13 in Nairobi.

Food security: FAO says its food price index has dropped in the first time after 8 months of continuous price spikes, falling 3% from its peak.

Rwanda: today is 17th anniversary of the Rwanda genocide, which the UN commemorated with a memorial ceremony hosted by DPI and the Rwandan Mission

Israel: President Peres is expected to brief press tomorrow.