SG travels from Doha to Cairo to discuss international coordination in Libya, PGA outlines upcoming GA activity and more from UN Direct

SG: The SG flew to Doha to take part in the first meeting of the International Contact Group on Libya. He said that the international community had acted swiftly in the past seven weeks. In the meantime, the humanitarian situation continues to worsen. Almost half a million people have fled the country since the crisis began, according to UNHCR. The SG spoke with Libyan PM Al-Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi via telephone and called for an immediate stop to the fighting and adherence to SCR. 1973. At this point, the flash appeal for Libya is only 35% funded. The SG is flying to Cairo now to co-chair a meeting on Libya with Amr Moussa, the SG of the League of Arab States.

Security Council: Today, Choi Young-Jin, SRSG for Côte d’Ivoire, updated the Council on the need to complete the formation of the government, the disarmament process, reunification, and the organization of legislative elections. Meanwhile, UNOCI is currently focused on establishing a more secure environment. Valerie Amos, USG of Humanitarian Affairs and ERC, also briefed the Council on her recent mission to the region. At least 250 people were killed in Duékoué. Amos said that those responsible should be held accountable and that it’s essential for more aid workers to enter Abidjan.

Sudan: UNAMID helped secure the release of 12 Sudanese aid workers who were held hostage in South Darfur. While the Darfur Mission continues to investigate reports of recent clashes between the Sudanese army and rebel groups, their efforts are being hampered by the Government’s restrictions on the peacekeepers’ movement. Meanwhile, UNMIS welcomes the decisions by the Abyei Standing Committee to form a Joint Technical Committee (JTC) in order to deploy Joint Integrated Units (JIUs) effectively throughout Abyei and work to withdraw all unauthorized forces.

PGA on the GA’s Program of Work: Today, the PGA updated the press on the GA’s latest discussions and upcoming program of work. For example, right now, the GA is heavily discussing developments surrounding Côte d’Ivoire, Western Sahara, and the Middle East. Up ahead, the GA will hold several key events: 1) a green economy thematic debate on June 2nd; 2) the HL meeting on HIV/AIDS on June 8-10; 3) an informal interactive civil society hearing on NCDs on June 16th; 4) an informal thematic debate on global governance on June 28th; and 5) a HL meeting on youth on July 25-26.