Top of the Morning: African Union Proposes an African CDC

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At AU Summit, Ethiopia Proposes an “African CDC”

The fact that Sudan’s president is in attendance in contravention of an ICC arrest warrant has sucked up most attention of the AU summit. But there’s still progress on one common front. “The African Union executive council is meeting in the Nigerian capital to take stock of progress made in the fight against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. The conference, which opened in Abuja on Friday, will also address challenges encountered in the campaign against the three diseases. ‘It is timely that we review the implementation of the various declarations and plans of action adopted in the course of the last decade,’ Ethiopia’s Foreign Minister Tedros Ghebreyesus told the conference, according to the African Union’s website.Ghebreyesus said Ethiopia was proposing to establish an “African Centre for Diseases Control and Prevention (African–CDC) or Health Commission for Africa under the umbrella of the African Union.’” (Al Jazeera

US Warns Egyptian Generals Not to Mess Up Their Second Chance at Democracy

Even so, the crackdown on Morsi supporters continues. “In the clearest statement yet of the United States position on the military’s ouster of President Mohamed Morsi, a senior American diplomat warned on Monday that the generals would jeopardize Egypt’s ‘second chance’ at a democratic transition if their new interim government continued to crack down on Mr. Morsi’s Islamist supporters. ‘If representatives of some of the largest parties in Egypt are detained or excluded, how are dialogue and participation possible?’ the diplomat, Deputy Secretary of State William J. Burns, told journalists after meeting with generals and the interim officials they have appointed.” (NY Times