Top of the Morning: Egypt Gets A President; Mombasa Grenade Attack; Paraguay Shunned

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The Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi Named Winner of Egypt Presidential Contest

This is a huge milestone in Egypt’s post revolutionary phase, it also shows that Egypt’s military rulers are willing to at least countenance the Muslim Brotherhood’s political ascent. Yet, at the same time, there will be a tough road ahead as the Brotherhood and the military jockey for power. “After a week of doubts, delays and fears of a coup since a public ballot count showed Mr. Morsi ahead, the generals have showed a measure of respect for some core elements of electoral democracy — they have accepted a political opponent over their ally, former Gen. Ahmed Shafik, after a vote that international monitors said was credible. But Mr. Morsi’s recognition as president does little to resolve the larger standoff between the generals and the Brotherhood over the institutions of government and the future constitution. Two weeks before their promised date for giving up power, June 30, the generals instead shut down the democratically elected and Islamist-led Parliament, took over its powers to make laws and set budgets, decreed an interim constitution stripping the new president of most of his power and reimposed martial law by authorizing soldiers to arrest civilians. The generals also gave themselves an effective veto over provisions of a planned permanent constitution.” (NYT

Several Killed in Mombasa Grenade Attack

On Saturday, the US Government issued a warning of an imminent terrorist attack in Mombasa, after authorities arrested two Iranians with bomb making chemicals. The Kenyan government called the warning ‘economic sabotage’ but then this happened last night: “At least three people have been killed and more than 25 injured in a grenade attack in Mombasa, Kenya. It came just two days after the United States warned that such an attack was about to take place. The hand grenade was thrown into a crowded bar in Mombasa as fans were watching the Euro 2012 football match between England and Italy on television. Police said the blast tore through the Jericho bar in the densely populated Mishomoroni district of the city at 10 pm local time. One person was killed in the explosion and two later died from their injuries in hospital. (Deutche Wells

After “Congressional Coup,” Latin America Countries Isolate Paraguay

On Friday, the president of Paraguay was ousted in a controversial power-play by congress. Now, it seems that other countries in the region agree that this was a less than legal process. “Paraguay’s incoming government fought off a wave of criticism Sunday as several of the country’s closest allies condemned the dismissal of President Fernando Lugo by lawmakers, with some calling it a congressional coup. Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez said his government will cut off fuel sales to the poor South American country. Venezuela had become a key supplier to Paraguay as Chávez built close ties with Lugo, a moderate leftist. Argentina’s Foreign Ministry announced Sunday that Paraguay had been suspended from the Mercosur trade bloc, issuing a joint resolution by member nations expressing “their most energetic condemnation of the rupture of democratic order” in Paraguay. The statement also said Paraguay would be suspended from a Mercosur summit to start Monday in Mendoza, Argentina. (FoxNews