Top of the Morning: Mali’s New President is Sworn In

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Mali’s News President is Sworn In

Now comes the hard part. “One of the first tasks for Mr Keita, often known as “IBK”, will be to open peace talks with Tuareg separatist groups. After France’s military intervention, the separatists captured Kidal, the only town in Mali where the Tuaregs form a majority. But they agreed in June to allow nationwide elections to go ahead as long as negotiations continued within two months of a new president taking office.” (BBC

Massive Flooding Affects Millions in China

It’s being called the worst flooding in the region in a century. “Floods and heavy rain have affected more than 5.2 million people in the Sino-Russian bordering province of Heilongjiang, local authorities said on Wednesday…The floods have also caused 18,300 houses to collapse and roads to be temporarily cut off on 1,315 occasions, according to the headquarters, adding that total economic losses for the province are estimated at 19.1 billion yuan (3.12 billion U.S. dollars).” (Xinhua

Strike Season Underway in South Africa

With a mine worker strike entering its second day and Africa’s largest economy is facing a great challenge. “South Africans call it the strike season. It happens every two years when wage negotiations take place in different economic sectors and cripple them with labor walkouts. This year, strike season is affecting the mining, construction and automobile sectors. The only thing out of the ordinary this time is the exceptionally high pay demands from competing unions, at a time when companies are struggling in a tough international environment.” (VOA