How Trump’s Radical Approach to “Sovereignty” is shaping International Relations

Donald Trump’s approach to sovereignty is not unique in American history. There is a longstanding political tradition that seeks no compromise with the world and see’s all interactions with allies and adversaries as zero sum.

What is different is that no American President has held these views…until now.

Stewart Patrick is author of the new book The Sovereignty Wars: Reconciling America with the WorldThe book examines how debates about sovereignty in the United States shape American foreign policy, and also the liberal international order –that is the patchwork of treaties and agreements and institutions like the United Nations that help set the rules of international relations.

We discuss the implications of Donald Trump’s apparently narrow view of sovereignty on American foreign policy. It’s a high minded conversation–and a good one.

Stewart Patrick is a senior fellow and director of the program on international institutions and global governance at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). He was a guest on the show last year for episode 116 in which he discusses his life and career.


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