A Conversation with Michael Møller, Director General of the UN Offices in Geneva


I was a bit skeptical when my guest today told me that every person on the planet, in any 24 hour period, is somehow impacted by the work of the UN and other international entities in Geneva.

Still, Michael Møller would be in a position to know. He is the Director General of the UN Office in Geneva, which makes him a very senior UN official.  As he explains, the mundane routines of life — everything from brushing my teeth in morning to calling my grandmother in Montreal — is touched by work done in Geneva.

We discuss how he is trying to change the perceptions of the UN’s work in Geneva by explaining its relevance to everyday life on the planet. We also discuss the innovative “SDG Lab” launched by his office and the work of the UN Conference on Disarmament, of which Møller is the titular head.

I will be seeing Michael Møller in Stockholm next week where he will be delivering a keynote address to the New Shape Forum. This is a conference and ideas festival convened by the Global Challenges Foundation.

We kick off this conversation discussing what Michael Møller is looking forward to from the New Shape Forum and also he previews some of the remarks he’ll be delivering at his keynote address.

This episode is presented in partnership with the Global Challenges Foundation, whose aim is to contribute to reducing the main global problems and risks that threaten humanity. Last year, the Global Challenges Foundation held an open call to find new models of global cooperation better capable of handling the most pressing global risks. In May this year at the New Shape Forum in Stockholm, the top proposals will be presented publicly and further refined through discussions with key thought leaders and experts.  

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