A Preventable Crisis of Malnutrition is Haunting Children in CAR

Displacement and violence is creating a “perfect storm” for a malnutrition crisis for children in the Central African Republic.

Malnutrition in children can induce stunting and lead to a host of debilitating intellectual and physical impairments that can last a lifetime. It is also entirely preventable. Humanitarian groups like the World Food Program and UNICEF know where the children most at risk of malnourishment are located. They know how to prevent malnutrition and keep children as healthy as possible. Right now, however, they simply don’t have the resources to do their job.  As of today the World Food Program has only received 20% of the funds they require to provide food and nutrition to people affected by conflict in the Central African Republic.

They need $180 million. They have received $40 million.  The difference between what they need and what they have received can be counted in dollars — and in children’s lives.