WFP food distribution: 2 March 2009 WFP distributed food assistance to women from 49 vulnerable families in the Dehdadi district of Balkh province. The food items weree 100 kg of wheat, 7.4 kg of vegetable oil, 1 kg of iodized salt and 10 kg of pulses. The assistance was distributed to women for the occasion of the upcoming International Women’s Day on 8 March. Dehdadi district was recently hit by a flood and more than 100 families were affected. Photo: Sayed Barez (UNAMA).

Afghanistan is in the Midst Of an Economic, Humanitarian and Human Rights Catastrope

Afghanistan is in the midst of a humanitarian and human rights disaster.

Since the fall of the Afghan government to the Taliban in August, the Afghan economy has been in a tailspin. A major liquidity crisis is causing widespread suffering among the Afghan people including severe foos insecurity.

Meanwhile, a new report from Human Rights Watch details a spate of summary executions and violence meted out by the newly installed de-facto Taliban government.

Patricia Gossman, Associate Asia Director for Human Rights Watch, explains Afghanistan’s concurrent human rights, humanitarian, and economic crises– and what the international community can do to lessen the suffering of Afghans as winter sets in.


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